Ticket Handling Guidelines

This article describes how tickets are handled in Support.

1. Response and Resolution Time

Response time and resolution time are as per service level agreement (SLA).

2. Communicate to Support through Tickets Only

All customer issues need to be communicated to support through tickets only, not through emails nor phone calls. Thus, any customer email or phone call will be turned into a ticket.

3. Only One Issue per Ticket

To handle tickets effectively, only one issue needs to be handled in a ticket. For each side issues, a new ticket should be opened.

4. Duplicate Tickets are closed

For any duplicate ticket that customer opens (that is: same customer and same issue), support closes it after:

  • Asking the customer for the reason of filing the new ticket
  • Draw the customer attention to the already opened ticket
  • Provide more attention to the already opened ticket (raise severity or escalate it, after asking the customer if he needs to do that)

5. Customer Follow Up

Once a solution is provided, the customer will be asked to verify the solution and the ticket is set to Pending status for one week. If no response is received from the customer, a followup update is made giving the customer an additional week. If a response is still not received from the customer, then the solution is considered valid and the ticket is set to Solved status.

6. Solved Tickets are Closed after 4 days

Tickets that are turned into Solved status are Closed automatically after 4 days (hard closed).

7. Following up on Solved tickets

Tickets that are in status Solved may be followed up on by just updating them. This will turn the ticket status into Open.

8. Following up on Closed tickets

Tickets that are in status Closed may be followed up on by creating a new ticket as a follow-up.


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