Incorta SSO login handling when changing domain address.

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What should be changed in incorta side if the company changed its email domain address and users login with SSO?


The answer for this question depends on 2 scenarios.

The first scenario, the user authenticates with an ID name, not by the email itself.

In this case, incorta will sync the new emails from the SSO provider and users will not be impacted by that change.


The Second scenario, the user authenticates with his email address.

In this case, the following has to be done to sync the emails.

1- Take tenant export + Incorta metadata backup

2- Stop LDAP sync from Incorta.

3- Close Incorta services 4-

Apply Incorta Metadata changes as following:

  • Update the email and login fields in the USER table to have the new email.

5- Apply the mail domain changes on LDAP/SSO

6- Open Incorta Services

7- Test Login Note: Please take a backup from the tenant and Metadata DB before applying the changes

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