Service Level Agreement (SLA)



Error Description

Initial Response Time and Support Coverage



(Until plan is put in place)

Standard Support

Severity Level 1


Software is inoperable or down or critical subsystem in Software is down with critical impact on service delivery in the Customer’s production environment having a critical impact on Customer’s business.  No workaround or alternative is available.

2 hours (24x7x365)

Ongoing until resolved

(24 x 7 x 365)

Every 4 hours

(24 x 7 x 365)

Severity Level 2


Software performance substantially degraded or restricted in production environment; system and/or data is exposed to potential loss, interruption, or critical impact on service delivery , or a total or critical subsystem outage of Software on Customer’s staging system/environment during testing, causing a significant impact on Customer’s business.  No bypass or alternative is available.

4 Business Hours*

Ongoing during Business Hours until acceptable bypass or alternative is available

Every 8 Business Hours


Severity Level 3


Software is operational but has a minor loss of functionality in performance (with or without a workaround) in Customer’s production or staging environment causing low or no impact on Customer’s business and data not at risk.

8 Business Hours*

As needed, during Business Hours

Every week


Severity Level 4

(Low Severity)

General questions regarding Software functionality.Minor imperfections, discrepancy or peculiarity in Software or Documentation causing low or no impact on Customer’s business.

Feature requests are not included in this service level; But may be proposed to support team.

16 Business Hours*

As deemed necessary during Business Hours

Update within 1 month


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